Step 1: Identify Your Assets—and Your Needs

Whatever we call it, an asset map is a critical starting point. Your strengths are assets. Your relationships are assets. Your ideas are assets. And, of course, your stuff and your money are also assets, though they may also be liabilities.

Nature wants you to blossom, to spread your wings, to stand tall. We are all of us descended from trees, from birds, and from all other life-forms. We emerged from the ocean. Everything we are is made of stardust. And we’re all unique, and uniquely endowed. What we want to know is who you are.

We have several ways of mapping your “life-flower,” your way of unfolding life. Think of it as a book, a story, a mandala.

And connected to your assets are your needs, your wants, your aspirations, your desires. “To each according to her abilities, and to each according to her needs” is one way of describing a world that works for everyone.

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