Start Here

Why Are you Here

The first step is to decide why you are here. Do you have something to offer? Do you have something you need? Is there something that you want to accomplish, perhaps that has been eluding you? This site offers a unique framework for action, and invites you to step up to leadership at a whole new level. We work to empower both real-world and virtual teams to accomplish what might otherwise seem impossible. Together, we can create a world that works for everyone.

Creating High-performance Teams

Joining to have the opportunity to be a more effective leader by becoming a successful member of one or more high-performing teams. These teams play serious games — games that involve making a difference with others, and to the world around us. The elements of performance that we emphasize are:

  • Language
  • Integrity
  • Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Self-Expression
“Leadership,” as we use it, is about fulfilling our larger commitments by causing opportunities for others, and making requests of them that call on them to step beyond what they already know and what’s already predictable.

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Step by Step Framework

  • Fill Out Your Resource Map

There are many ways to create a resource or asset map. We invite you to try out the tools provided, and compare the maps you create with those of others. The result is sometimes called “network weaving,” social network analysis, or complex multi-agent systems analysis.

  • Activate Your Team/Tribe/Action Circle

We all belong to teams, tribes, and decision-making groups (that in sociocracy or dynamic governance are called “action circles”).

  • Be Invited

To create trusted organizations, members must be invited by other members. Relationship wealth is converted into financial wealth through trusted exchange.

  • Begin an Exchange

Anyone can begin the process by making an offer, a request, or both, through the mechanisms provided by the site.

Other Ways to Use This Site

This site is a framework—a framework for engagement, for awareness, and for action. A number of sections are suggested, but not built out. There’s a clear purpose to everything, but it’s up to the members to actualize these elements in whatever way best suits them. (E.g., the Purpose Tank is a socially-worthwhile version of the infamously-tacky Shark Tank; if it’s useful, together we can make it happen.)

If you want more suggestions as to how to engage with the site, check out our page on How to Use this Site.

Discover • Create • Connect • Build

Most things are divided into Tools (which includes Resources and Opportunities), and Content. Tools are things like Loomio, Sociocracy, and so on. Content is what’s worth knowing. Members can contribute to either one. Contributions are then evaluated by other members, and credits are assigned based on the combined value placed on them by the community. These credits can then be used in various ways to create wealth for individuals and for the group.

The Steps under Start Here (this page) are designed to provide a step-by-step process to become familiar with the structure and operation of the site. We encourage members to follow the process, and improve it for the benefit of others.

Deep Structure

Here are some of the elements of the philosophy behind the site:

Gandhi’s Program for Global Conversion

Each of these can form the basis for a further entry into either Content or Tools or both.

The 8 Forms of Capital

Some of the practical principles for the regenerative economy structured in detail and practically used over a period of time.