Take Control of Your World with CETS PlayForce

What is CETS PlayForce

CETS PlayForce is a paradigm-shifting future ready workforce, personal development, entrepreneurial management training system, the brainchild of Gerald DeCosta and Vincent I. White (Co-Founders of CETS) in partnership with Frank A Wennin III, being a key component within the Cutting Edge Techno Solutions (CETS) landmark "DeCosta-White Sustainable Socioeconomic Infrastructure and Community Empowerment Engine" platform.

We exist to accurately profile systems change innovators who are driving the future of Money, Work and Play. Through a state of art waste 2 energy carbon emissions reduction platform.
We do this by customizing whole systems regenerative approaches to workforce, personal development and entrepreneurial impact. This is how work truly is play and the New workforce in Workforce.

We help teams/individuals build Organizations of their dreams with our strategic services.

Identifying Goals

We connect great, smart, original, dedicated people from all over the world to the resources they need to turn their dreams into reality that can be witnessed by generations in the future.

Bring Ideas to Life

Once we decide that the fit is right, we customize a solution and team to activate your venture. We undertake an intensive 8 session due diligence process, get to know your board or help you assemble one.

Make Work Play

We then tap our network of top global investors to bring syndicates on board. Thats when the real work begins to become play. Our support means capital ,mentorship and guidance through stormy waters.

Trust Us

We Are Here to Guide You!

If you are looking for a reliable team with whom you share your mind and get the best advice you’ve been looking for, we are here. With years of experience in helping ideas grow, we’ve mastered the skills of studying the economy for you and helping you cope up with the latest trends that’ll take your ideas to the top level.

Why CETS PlayForce?

We are well-experienced professionals with younger minds and principles.

Passionate & Committed
Honest With Openness
Dedicated Teams
Practical Methods

We Use Cutting Edge Technology To Prepare For The Circular Economy

How To Use This Site!

This site is a playground. It contains a set of tools, educational resources, teams, people, and games. It’s meant to be a ground for collaborative action. To use it, look around, register, become a team member, and join a game. If you want more suggestions as to how to engage with the site, check out our page on How to Use this Site.


Heavenly Father God,
we praise you for all the grace, mercy and patience we have learned and seen by Christ's example.
We dedicate ourselves to massive action around the Proverbs 31 husband/wife, putting on your full armor (Ephesians 6:10), abiding in your promises (2 Peter 1:2-11), restoring your body, rebuilding your kingdom and feeding your sheep by your grace.

May we be among those who are truly living on and abiding in your promises, so our calling and election is sure. May we surrender our will to your will so that time and money are our servants and not our masters.
All of this is to perfect our walk in Christ and make us an Unblemished remnant for you. Please show us how we can surrender to Jesus and reign with you Almighty Father so we can be better Sons and Daughters naturally.
Let us be a blessing for those who you send us to and those who you send to us. Most importantly, let us raise Jesus so high that every one can look at our lives and say,"it must be God", in your holy name, Amen. Frank Albert Wennin III

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