CETS Waste to Energy

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About CETS Waste to Energy

CETS Waste to Energy, Inc., is a subsidiary of Cutting Edge Techno Specialist and purveyor of cutting edge technology and design with a main objective to offer new innovations such as hydrogen from water (H2O) in the areas of waste management, alternative energy, syngas and water purification. The strength of this organization is its problem solving ability to deliver efficient cost effective solutions to its clients by offsetting their environmental impact by “greening” the power consumption and cutting operating cost by at least 50%.

CETS Waste to Energy, Inc., has developed hydrogen from water a complete cost effective, environmentally friendly biomass waste to energy technology. These stations will convert any feeder material such as wooden railroad splinters, trees, rubber tires, other heavy trash, hazardous bio-chemical, medical, industrial, and every day waste (garbage). The operating processes are completely environmentally safe, and leave no harmful by-products, like gases, solids or air born carcinogens. The stations convert the garbage into useable clean low cost electrical generated energy. This energy (power) could be used to operate facilities like hospitals, industrial sites, retail, and commercial complexes, or simply sold to the local power grid. Electrical energy would cost much less than the energy is being provided today. This is one of the many ways this technological process will increase profits, and decrease production cost.

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