Frank Wennin

Frank Wennin

Frank Wennin has totally dedicated himself to seeing our youth prosper by creating a series of programs that work together to unleash the next generation of young entrepreneurial innovators.

He is the creator of Chess Outside the Box. When we combine the lessons of chess with mentoring, our problem-solving capabilities expand exponentially.

Key principles driving his work:

  1. No one is better than anyone.
  2. None of us is as wise as all of us.
  3. Until we all learn how to win together we lose
  4. Ask better questions
  5. Solve better problems
  6. Make better choices
  7. Tell better stories

Frank is also the founder of COIN: Center Of Influence Network. A “Center of Influence” is a customized mastermind of mentors and proteges, which serves as a portal for unlimited relationship wealth.

Frank writes: “Since we become who we surround ourselves with, and we best succeed by bringing others with us, our success is defined by: who shares our vision, who we bring with us and who brings us with them. When we know who we must become to define that baseline. When we know how to say no to everything else that doesn’t define that baseline, we are only limited by our imagination. Together we create the building blocks for a new future today.”

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