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"When You Love What You Do, Work Becomes Play"

Circular Economy.

PlayForce is a paradigm-shifting future-ready workforce, personal development, entrepreneurial management training system, a key component within Cutting Edge Techno Solutions (CETS) landmark “DeCosta-White Sustainable Socioeconomic Infrastructure and Community Empowerment Engine” platform.

PlayForce is designed as a distributed learning and collaborative intelligence networking platform to prepare the emerging workforce by developing participating members’ mindset, knowledge-base and the skillsets necessary to participate and prosper in the transition from a linear to a circular economy in general, and specifically within the CETS (Circular Economy Transformational Systems) network.

We have partnered with social innovator Frank Wennin and his Centers of Influence Networks (COIN) to demystify relationship wealth into a step by step program for whole systems learning environments and lasting social change. He has developed a comprehensive strategy to unify the “Agents of Change” and create a conscious producer profile that will set the pace for the marketplace.

A Center Of Influence Network

Together we are integrating and leveraging our synergistic educational models toward empowering people, transforming lives and reimagining what is possible for economies and markets that we are creating and serving. The PlayForce empowers its members to become opportunity architects and wealth engineers. PlayForce is “The New Force in Workforce.”

CETS has envisioned and designed a Blockchain Circular Economy Production and Trade Platform that is subscription-based—offering potential revenue streams and wealth generation for its members. CETS Platform serves as the back office to its Global Carbon Emissions Reduction Program in support of communities implementing Sustainable Economic Development Goals. We are positioning PlayForce members to tap into the many carbon neutral, zero waste infrastructure development projects ($2.4 Trillion annual market), holistic future-ready independent workforce ($1.3 Trillion annual market), carbon neutral, and zero waste startup business model developments (305 Million startups annual market), and other regional green business and financial technology (FinTech) industry initiatives.

Through this emergent paradigm, we are building and transforming communities into sustainable smart eco-center production and trade hubs, using the Biotech/Agroindustry sectors to address waste, energy, water, food, fuels, and property environmental issues. Social activist Mahatma Ghandi was a proponent for wedding our inward and outward growth. As he put it, “only the evolution of the ‘Soul-Force’ can bring peace, equity and justice to the worlds of brute force.” In like manner, we posit that only the advent and evolution of the “PlayForce” can help bring out our transcendent purpose longing to be fulfilled by the world’s underemployed and mis- employed workforce. The deeper the dimensional life within, the more expansive, creative, and fulfilling the outer pursuits become, and consequently, lives, communities and nations become linked and transformed through the process. When you love what you do, work becomes play. Intelligent arrangement produces symbiotic order. Order multiplies ways we use, create, reallocate and recycle resources in limitless creative combinations that benefit more while using less. Smart design and smart use fosters sustainability (well-managed resources). For economies to develop and evolve by intelligent design from a linear to a circular one, individuals can’t prosper at the expense of systems, nor can systems thrive at the expense of individuals. CETS is where distributed and collaborative intelligence meets ingenious arrangements of technology, innovation and imagination to not just meet the needs of tomorrow today, but to exceed any and all expectations of what was even envisaged possible—and not just for the benefit of a small minority, but rather for the well-being of the whole society and the planet too.

Economies are not things beyond our control happening to us. They are us—our shared imaginations, hopes, dreams, aspirations and creations. We’re not helpless or hopeless before economies. However, when we mis-map the world and economies with our philosophies of limitation, finitude and scarcity, we create mishap in the world (the macrocosm) and in our own lives (the microcosm). When our philosophies and values have been misappropriated and then superimposed back over us, they may feel familiar to us but the practical yield is a worldwide crop of strange fruit that doesn’t nourish or fulfill a need, but rather only facilitates a means for fueling scarcity mentality and feeding insatiable greed fueling the maldistribution of resources. We must question our fundamental ecological and economical philosophies, models and values. We must evolve how we conceive of the nature of truth, reality and even ourselves to effect change that is palpable and measurable in lives improved and communities positively impacted. It is imperative that we create economies that uplift us individually in our inner lives that are also inextricably connected to the paradigms, standards, infrastructure and systems we must design and build to better accommodate, uplift and sustain us all. “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ~ John Bunyan. May we all contribute to and manifest the shared vision of a more empowered, meaningful and fulfilling life in a more equitable world brimming with peace, compassion, abundance and prosperity. Live Out Your Passion ENTER THE PLAYFORCE!

Frank Wennin

Frank Wennin has totally dedicated himself to seeing our youth prosper by creating a series of programs that work together to unleash the next generation of young entrepreneurial innovators.

He is the creator of Chess Outside the Box. When we combine the lessons of chess with mentoring, our problem-solving capabilities expand exponentially.

Key principles driving his work:

  1. No one is better than anyone.
  2. None of us is as wise as all of us.
  3. Until we all learn how to win together we lose
  4. Ask better questions
  5. Solve better problems
  6. Make better choices
  7. Tell better stories

Frank is also the founder of COIN: Center Of Influence Network. A “Center of Influence” is a customized mastermind of mentors and proteges, which serves as a portal for unlimited relationship wealth.

Frank writes: “Since we become who we surround ourselves with, and we best succeed by bringing others with us, our success is defined by: who shares our vision, who we bring with us and who brings us with them. When we know who we must become to define that baseline. When we know how to say no to everything else that doesn’t define that baseline, we are only limited by our imagination. Together we create the building blocks for a new future today.”