How to Use this Site

This site is a playground. It contains a set of tools, educational resources, teams, people, and games. It’s meant to be a ground for collaborative action. To use it, look around, register, become a team member, and join a game.

Discover • Create • Connect • Build

Most things are divided into Tools (which includes Resources and Opportunities), and Content. Tools are things like Loomio, Sociocracy, and so on. Content is what’s worth knowing. Members can contribute to either one. Contributions are then evaluated by other members, and credits are assigned based on the combined value placed on them by the community. These credits can then be used in various ways to create wealth for individuals and for the group.

The Steps under Start Here are designed to provide a step-by-step process to become familiar with the structure and operation of the site. We encourage members to follow the process, and improve it for the benefit of others.

Steal this Information

We invite you to appropriate anything you find here, as long as you make use of it in selfless services for the welfare of all. See our very first post, Steal this Information.