Requests & Offers

One of the main ways we can help each other is by posting requests and offers. We can create a list of Requests and Offers by creating new posts for each request or offer, and linking them to responses in similar or related categories. “Request” or “Offer” should always be the “primary” category if you want the post to be listed as current.

  • My first request is for assistance with this web site, to improve its functionality, add to its content, and make it a virtual playspace for creating relationships, games, and results online.
  • My first offer is to help any member with accessing and using the site to create meaningful, sustainable, and profitable initiatives using the tools, resources, and connections provided.

Requests correspond to needs, wants, and desires; Offers correspond to skills, availability, and relevance. One of the principal goals of the site is to connect individuals in action circles and tribes to provide a series of practical demonstrations of the new economy—examples of innovative projects and collaborations based on the principles behind the Playforce idea.

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