CETS PlayForce is the brainchild of Gerald DeCosta and Vincent I. White, and a subsidiary of CETS.  Playforce is a paradigm-shifting future-ready workforce, personal development, entrepreneurial management training system, and a key component within CETS landmark “DeCosta-White Sustainable Socioeconomic Infrastructure and Community Empowerment Engine” platform. PlayForce was envisioned as a distributed learning and collaborative intelligence networking platform designed to prepare the emerging workforce by developing participating members’ mindset, knowledge-base and skillsets necessary to participate and prosper in the transition from a linear to a circular economy in general, and specifically within the CETS (Circular Economy Transformational Systems) Circular Economy Production and Trade Platform.


We have collaborated with social innovator Frank Wennin and his Centers of Influence Networks (COIN) to help roll-out the mission of the CETS Playforce by helping demystify relationship wealth into a step-by-step program for whole systems learning environments and lasting social change. He has developed a comprehensive strategy to unify the “Agents of Change” and create a conscious producer profile that will set the pace for the marketplace. Together we are integrating and leveraging our synergistic educational models toward empowering people, transforming lives and reimagining what is possible for economies and markets that CETS is creating and serving. The PlayForce empowers its members to become opportunity architects and wealth engineers. PlayForce is “The New Force in Workforce.” 
Start Here with CETs Playforce

An Invitation to the Creation of a Collaborative Playground

 This site has been designed as a collaborative playground for cultural creatives.  It allows people to find each other, have access to really innovative tools and resources, design and play real-world games, and move into the “upward spiral” that Paul Krafel describes in his remarkable TEDx talk on the topic. You can take this in pretty much any direction you want—as long as it’s moving upward in the process—and build what you think the world needs now.

Frank Wennin, frequently emphasizes that “none of us are as smart as all of us.”  In all of life, collaboration is the name of the game, and competition only occurs inside the framework of rules that we’ve all agreed to play by.  We succeed by working and playing together and this is the vision that DeCosta and White had in mind.

You can Start Here, or just poke around until you find something interesting or intriguing that you can make your own.  Want to join or create a team?  Play or design a game? Challenge your own ideas?  Make a difference?  Borrow our tools and resources?  Find new inspiration?  It’s all here.